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Research informing the development of a new national framework for professional learning of the education workforce has been published today by Yr Athrofa.

A team of researchers based at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David was commissioned last summer to conduct a series of ‘rapid reviews’ to support the evidence-base for the emerging National Approach to Professional Learning.

Yr Athrofa was contracted to undertake three of the 11 discrete projects, which were drawn by the Welsh Government and carried out by middle-tier organisations.

These reports include:

Yr Athrofa was supported by Wales’ four regional education consortia (namely CSC, ERW, EAS and GwE), which contributed to each report and associated research posters, which are available here:

The reports present a number of findings relating to professional learning of the education workforce, and put forward a series of key recommendations designed to enhance provision as Wales transitions into new ways of working.

Guidance around Wales’ National Approach to Professional Learning is due to be published in line with the new draft curriculum for Wales, which will be available for comment from April 30.

Gareth Evans, who led Yr Athrofa’s involvement in the project, said: “The National Approach to Professional Learning will be crucial to the success of Wales’ ambitious reform agenda.

“Our reports highlight the importance of having a coherent structure, with clear expectations and agreed entitlement at all levels of the education system, to support practitioners to develop their practice consistently across Wales.

“A fully-functioning and responsive framework for delivery will serve not only those currently practising, but help raise the status of teaching as a profession that is agile, innovative and constantly regenerating in the best interests of learners.

“We look forward to enhancing our support of the education workforce in Wales as the new National Approach to Professional Learning gathers pace.”

More information on the National Approach to Professional Learning can be found here.

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