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The CAMAU Project has today published a major Research Report informing a crucial aspect of Wales’ curriculum reform.

Developed in partnership by the University of Glasgow and the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD), the CAMAU project seeks to develop a shared understanding of ‘progression’ in the learning of children and young people between the ages of 3 and 16 in the context of Successful Futures.

Professor Graham Donaldson’s wide-ranging review of curriculum and assessment arrangements was published in 2015 and provided the opportunity to revisit and reassert the fundamental purposes of education for the children and young people of Wales. The resulting blueprint for curriculum reform put forward a number of recommendations that are being implemented leading to the planned roll-out from 2022.

The CAMAU project was established with funding from UWTSD and the Welsh Government to work with teachers and policymakers to develop progression frameworks for all areas of the curriculum. These descriptions of progression in learning are evidence-informed and supportive of assessment practices that are consistent with the ‘spirit’ rather than the ‘letter’ of assessment for learning.

Today’s Research Report captures the work undertaken so far in identifying key emerging themes from research, from a survey of policy and practice in several countries and from Successful Futures. The Research Report explains how these findings have been considered by teachers from the Pioneer Schools charged with developing Wales’ new curriculum as they worked with the CAMAU team on developing progression frameworks.

The Research Report is published in three formats:

  • The full report;
  • Sub-reports on each of the six Areas of Learning and Experience;
  • ‘From Ideas to Action’, which summarises the key findings.

These documents provide a unique insight into the theory and discussion underpinning the development of A Curriculum for Wales – A Curriculum for Life.

Staff from the University of Glasgow School of Education, UWTSD’s Yr Athrofa: Institute of Education, and the Welsh Government have met regularly with colleagues in Pioneer Schools to take forward the vision set out in Professor Donaldson’s steering document.

Professor Dylan Jones, Dean of Yr Athrofa, said: “We are delighted to have been given by the Welsh Government the opportunity to support this important work and are excited by the challenge to develop, in partnership with colleagues, new and innovative assessment arrangements for Wales.

“The publication of this report marks an important milestone in the development of Wales’ new national curriculum – and is the fruit of many months’ commitment by schools and universities alike.

“Successful Futures is breaking new ground and we have been given a unique opportunity to craft an education system, with learner progression at its heart, of which we can all be truly proud.”

Professor of Educational Assessment and Innovation at the University of Glasgow, Louise Hayward, said: “Progression is the heart of learning and partnership lies at the heart of change. Successful Futures recognises the importance of both.

“It is a privilege for both the University of Glasgow and UWTSD to have the opportunity to work with policymakers and practitioners in Wales to investigate this international assessment challenge. There can be no meaningful change unless researchers, policymakers and practitioners work together.

“The Research Report published today is evidence of the powerful way in which these three communities are working together in the CAMAU Project to build descriptions of learning that are based not only on research and national and international policy but also on actual experiences of progression in schools and classrooms.”

You can download the reports by clicking the links below:

CAMAU Learning about Progression Research Report 2018

Research Report April 2018_CAMAU Research Report 2018 Expressive Arts

Research Report April 2018_CAMAU Research Report 2018 Maths & Numeracy

Research Report April 2018_CAMAU Research Report 2018 LLC

CAMAU Research Report 2018 Humanities

Research Report April 2018_CAMAU Research Report 2018 Health and Well-being

Research Report April 2018_CAMAU Research Report 2018 Science & Technology

Research Report April 2018_CAMAU Research Report 2018 From Ideas to Action

More details about the development of the new Curriculum for Wales can be found at:

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