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Thinking global – developing sustainable skills for the future

Global competence and sustainability are becoming the talk of schools right across the country. Here, Alex Southern introduces a new international project designed to support the development of key 21st Century skills required for a constantly-changing world… Back in November last year, staff from the Athrofa were lucky enough to travel to Brussels and visit…

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A rising tide lifts all boats

As the development of Wales’ new national curriculum reaches an important milestone, Elaine Sharpling calls on stakeholders to grasp the opportunity to both raise standards and address the attainment gap…   In eager anticipation, those of us working in education in Wales await the launch of the curriculum later this month. Whatever the documentation looks like –…

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An innovative curriculum led by transformative teachers

Wales’ national curriculum is developing apace and schools, colleges and universities across the country are gearing up for change. But with changes comes opportunity and, according to Professor Dylan E. Jones, there has never been a better time to be a teacher in Wales…   Education in Wales is changing – and teachers have been…

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A curriculum belonging to the people of Wales

As the development of Wales’ new national curriculum gathers pace, Professor Mererid Hopwood calls on all key stakeholders to remain open minded and ambitious for the opportunities it presents…   As the new term races ahead, the Pioneers’ perseverance must be admired. The fast-approaching submission deadlines demand a shorter night’s sleep to make room for…

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Melting snowflakes for a new era in education

Preparing the next generation of classroom teachers is hugely important, but, argues Elaine Sharpling, over-protecting students and neglecting proper challenge can hamper their development. In this insightful blog, she offers an alternative to what has been dubbed the ‘snowflake generation’ and calls for a more pragmatic approach to teacher education…   As a teacher educator…

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Black History Month in Wales

Black History Month was another roaring success this year, with celebratory events taking place across the country. But what is it all about? Dr Paul Hutchings and Katie Sullivan explain…   Black History Month (BHM for short) has been celebrated every October since 1987 in the United Kingdom, but many people are either unaware even…

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