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Developing a new professionalism in education

Successful Futures has garnered plenty of attention since its inception in 2015. But its focus on entrepreneurial skills has been less well-documented. Alison Evans explains…   One of the key purposes of the curriculum outlined in ‘Successful Futures’ is to ensure all learners will be ‘enterprising, creative contributors’ who are skilled in creative thinking, able…


Thinking holistically about curriculum reform in Wales

Curriculum reform is as daunting as it is exciting. But we must not lose sight of the bigger picture, explains Natalie Williams…   I’ve been delighted to read time and again the positive reception that the Donaldson report and its recommendations have received. Having spent more than 10 years publishing resources and support for curriculum change…


Breaking the shackles of curriculum reform

Gareth Evans looks at the development of Successful Futures and a new approach to implementation…   There is a tendency in education to whirl around in circles. New policy comes in with a bang and goes out with a whimper. Then the cycle starts all over again. Wales’ education system has, it is fair to…


Early entry – putting the interests of the learner first

The Welsh Government has recently announced plans to reduce the number of pupils sitting their GCSE exams ahead of schedule after a marked rise in early entries. Here, writing exclusively for Yr Athrofa, Education Secretary Kirsty Williams explains why…   This summer we saw a huge increase in the number of young people being entered…


A new and prosperous era for Welsh education?

The Welsh Government’s new education strategy has been launched by Education Secretary Kirsty Williams. Gareth Evans reflects on its content and Wales’ new long-term vision for education…   Teachers, policymakers, union leaders and other key players on the Welsh education scene will have been forgiven for breaking into a cold sweat as they walked into…


Education in Wales: Our National Mission

The Welsh Government has published its new national education plan. Here, writing exclusively for Yr Athrofa, Education Secretary Kirsty Williams presents her ambitious vision for education in Wales…   In Welsh education, we are building on strong foundations. The global experts on education performance, the OECD, recently recognised government and the sector are working closely…